Earth Friendly 5 Piece Cleaning Brushes

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No one said cleaning was easy or fun, but here’s an easy and sustainable alternative for your brush options. Eco friendly Bamboo Handles combined with Coconut Fibres make hard to scrub surfaces a little easier to clean. Set includes:

(1) Dish Brush- Long Handle Makes those hard to reach dishes a breeze to clean. 

(1) Bottle brush - the long spout with natural fibres takes all the work out of the tall &  narrow bottles. 

(1) Scrub Brush- stiff bristles on one end eases elbow grease and aids in all those Cinderella moments. 

(1) Veggie Ring - For those garden Potatoes & Carrots. Easy handle design for those with arthritis or little  helpers in the kitchen.

(1) Pots and Pan Brush- Jo’s personal favorite. Design fits into palm to put pressure on all those baked on casserole dishes. Works with cookie sheets, fry pans and any dishes left out with a hardened grime. 

Sold without Packaging for a better Earth.  

Brush Care is Simple as always. Rinse well after use and leave to air dry for longevity.