Wendell Estate Honey

The Wendell family farm has been producing honey since John Wendell started keeping bees in the 1930s. For decades we reserved the season’s best honey to sell to dedicated local customers. In 2011 Tim and Isabel Wendell launched the Wendell Estate brand so that customers around the world who lack access to a trusted local apiary could enjoy natural, raw honey. We are passionate about our honey and invite you to enjoy our finest. Raw, pure, authentic honey direct from our bees to your table.

At Wendell Estate we are a family farm with a long beekeeping tradition. We ARE the producers of our honey. Every step of the process, from raising healthy bees to sealing the freshly-harvested honey into jars, is done on our farm under our direct supervision.

We encourage people to ask themselves this question: Would you rather get your food from a marketing and packaging company, or from the producer?

We don’t simply “support sustainable beekeeping”, we live sustainable beekeeping. We are not simply a marketing campaign advertising honey sourced from vague honey farms located somewhere in Canada. We are real beekeepers located near MacNutt, Saskatchewan, Canada. For generations our family has been involved in all aspects of the honey and beekeeping industry. We are well-known and respected within the industry. We are completely transparent, and we encourage you to check us out and independently verify our claims. Most importantly, try our honey, especially if you don’t like honey; You may be pleasantly surprised.

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