Soulful Sister

Soulful Sister Aromatherapy has been making Essential Oil Blends and Products for over 16 years.  Our HQ is on Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA. 

Soulful Sister uses 100% Pure Essential Oils to make Aromatherapy products for your Soulful Self.  We source our Pure Essential Oils from Distillers across the world and use natural, fair trade and organic products to make our line. You can be sure there are no chemicals, SLS, artificial colours, artificial fragrances or Parabens in any of our products.

Our Company Tagline is "Follow Your Soul". The premise we start from is that all of us are living the same human experience, we are souls that are intrisically connected. Connected with each other and connected to nature. Essential Oils are the powerhouse of the plant and store medicne for the body & mind. We feel the connectedness when inaling the aromas of nature.