Living Apothecary 'About Last Night' Herbal Tea

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About Last Night is your hangover tea tonic. The botanicals will work at detoxification, supporting your body in eliminating any toxins from the night before. For best results, create an infusion overnight, ready to be enjoyed when you need it most.

dandelion, milk thistle, nettle, oregon grape, chamomile

Dandelion Root is used to improve liver function by supporting the removal of any toxins. It is praised by herbalists in being one of the best liver tonics. In TCM, dandelion root is used to reduce fire and eliminate stagnation from the liver. 
Milk Thistle strongly indicated for those ongoing hits to the liver, a very strong and well known liver tonic that is also hepatoprotective. It is almost always indicated when the liver is under stress. 
Nettle known to be the quintessential nourishing herb; used to nourish, support, and energize the body. As an alterative, it purifies the blood assisting the body by detoxifying metabolic wastes. 
Oregon Grape is a bitter tonic with mild laxative effects, it is indicated for congested livers while working to strengthen and cleanse our entire system.